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ST 10 AD System

Nordtest is glad to introduce the new AD System ST10. AD Systems has developed a portable / on-site / on-boardfully automated instrument for stability and compatibility testing of heavy fuel oil. This portable device is a complete automation of the ASTM D4740 method, the instrument automatically prepares the sample and evaluate the results.

E-Scan 655

The E-Scan 655 is a revolutionary deterministic offline micro leak test instrument that utilizes a new class of HVLD technology to inspect vials, syringes, and other liquid filled parenteral products for container closure integrity.
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Phase Technologies ASTM D7945

ASTM Approves Phase Technology Viscosity Method For Jet Fuel Certification
ASTM has approved Phase Technology's D7945 viscosity method for inclusion in D1655, the specification for jet fuel.
This means you can now use our JFA-70Xi analyzer to test and certify jet fuel viscosity, density and freeze point.
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VeriPac UBV

Nordtest is glad to introduce the new PTI VeriPac UBV, a tool-less blister pack inspection system capable of reliably detecting a 10 micron leak with rapid test time. It is a ground breaking technology, and answers the call to many blister pack manufacturers.
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Nordtest is glad to announce the distribution agreement with Nanolane, a French company specialized in optical solutions at nanoscale and commercializes characterization tools based on the label-free patented SEEC (Surface Enhanced Ellipsometry Contrast) optical technique which extends the analysis possibilities of optical systems in the field of nanotechnologies.


Skalar has developed a very sensitive routine analysis method for determination of Cr 6+ on their San ++ ISO 23913  and  ASTM D 1687
The photometric determination is based on the reaction of diphenylcarbazidewith hexavalent chromium in an acid medium, producing a red-purple color that is measured at 550 nm.
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CAV 4.2 Cannon

The CANNON® CAV® 4.2 is an automated, high throughput, dual-bath viscometer for ASTM D445. The CAV® 4.2 combines CANNON® quality and reliability with modern design and unique features to enhance lab productivity, reduce costs, and improve data quality.
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JFA-70Xi Phase Technology

ASTM D7945 - ASTM D5972 - ASTM D4052

Phase Technology’s new JFA-70Xi jet fuel analyzer is the world’s first and only instrument that performs three crucial tests in one unit— freeze point, viscosity and density.
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DR 10 AD Systems

ASTM D3241, IP 323, ISO 6249 Aviation Turbine Fuel - Standard Specification ASTM D1655 and Def Stan 91-91

The Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test is universally used by the industry to measure high temperature stability of aviation turbine fuels. The ASTM D3241 is required to be run on every batch of Jet Fuel produced according to ASTM D1655 or DEF STAN 91-91 specifications. In this test method the fuel is pumped through heater tube at fixed flow rate and during a specified period of time. The fuel is pass or fail rated according to the amount of deposit formed on the heater tube at specified temperature.
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TESC Cannon

Thermoelectric Sample Conditioner (TESC) System is the first to automate the entire ASTM D2983 conditioning and testing process including preheating, room temperature stabilization, cooling of the sample to test temperature, and final viscosity testing.
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DT 100 DL AD Systems

The DT 100 DL is in accordance with ASTM D7899 method.

The requirement for on-line machinery and oil condition monitoring is becoming evermore apparent as maintenance costs increase and production capacity and equipment performance are maximized.

One of the primary functions of a lubricant is to preserve the cleanliness of a combustion engine’s mechanical parts. The cleanliness of the mechanical parts is facilitated by "detergency" and "dispersancy" (DD) additives in the engine oil.
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CT 10 AD Systems

According  to methods: NACE TM0172, ASTM D665, D7548, IP 135, ISO 7120, JIS K2510

The CT10 measure the corrosiveness of a surface.  The innovative CT10 instrument images the whole surface of the specimen. Operation is based on a homogeneous lighting source, CCD camera, specimen rotation system, and specially designed application software. The test  is fully automatic.
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Pulp VIS Cannon

The CANNON PulpVIS portable viscometer offers the industry an affordable new tool for quick and reliable PULP viscosity measurement. ThePulpVIS  viscometer provides exceptional temperature control which is paramount to accurate viscosity measurement of pulp.
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Black Pearl Cannon

The BLACK PEARL controlled shear rate rotational rheometer is a high performance instrument capable of both steady shear and yield stress testing in a rugged yet compact footprint.

Designed for performing both routine QC tests and complex R&D evaluations, the BLACK PEARL is ideal for investigating the mixing, stirring and process flow characteristics of fluid systems.
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 VeriPac 310

PTI introduces the next generation VeriPac Inspection System, the VeriPac 310.

The new VeriPac 310 is ideal for package integrity testing applications for a wide range of package formats and is an all-around economical solution to improve package quality. The VeriPac 310 utilizes new and improved vacuum decay technology (ASTM F2338-09) providing the most accurate vacuum decay solutions to a broader market.
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Nex DE Rigaku

Nordtest is glad to introduce the new Rigaku Spectrometer NEX DE.
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Nordtest is glad to announce the distribution agreement with Noxilizer.
Noxilizer, Inc. provides Room Temperature Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)  sterilization and decontamination technology that offers many benefits over traditional sterilization methods.
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NPM450 Normalab

Normalab NPM 450- AUTOMATED PENSKY MARTENS FLASH POINT TESTER NORMALAB NPM 450 is compliant to following methods: ASTM D93 , IP 34, NF M 07019, ISO 2719, DIN 51758, GBT 261, JIS K 2265-3
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PTI Seal-Scan 520

The Seal-Scan 520 is a semi-automatic inspection system used for the detection of seal defects, seal characterization and material analysis. Testing is non-destructive, non-subjective and requires no sample preparation. Seal-Scan 520 provides advanced digital imaging software tools for process control which offers in-depth seal quality analysis.
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Nordtest is glad to introduce the new HH Raman Rigaku Progeny.
Progeny enables widest breadth of sampling capabilities by using reduced fluorescence, high resolution, high-sensitivity optics.
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Stand-Alone MicroBAM KSV NIMA

KSV NIMA is happy to announce the new Stand-Alone MicroBAM for the real-time characterization and imaging of monolayer films not only on Langmuir troughs.
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New Langmuir-Blodgett Alternate KSV NIMA

KSV NIMA is happy to announce the new version of Alternate Langmuir-Blodgett trough.
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Nordtest Last week received in Sweden the Distribution Partner Award for the successful sales in 2012. We would like to take the chance to thank all our customers for trusting us.

 Seal-Scan® Technology Featured in New ASTM Test Method F3004-13 - Evaluation of Seal Quality and Integrity Using Airborne Ultrasound Technology

Seal-Scan® Technology Featured in New ASTM Test Method F3004-13 “Evaluation of Seal Quality and Integrity Using Airborne Ultrasound Technology”

PTI announces the approval of ASTM Test Method F3004-13, a new non-destructive test method for “Evaluation of Seal Quality and Integrity using Airborne Ultrasound Technology.” Approval of this test method was based on PTI sponsored inter-laboratory research study utilizing PTI’s patented Seal-Scan® technology. This test method may be applied to the inspection and evaluation of flexible package seals of all material types. The approval of ASTM F3004-13 marks a significant breakthrough in the field of seal integrity testing for the entire packaging industry.


Nordtest celebrated in Paris its 25 years of activity.
From 4th to 9th July 2013 Nordtest employees with their families have been enjoy
a long week end in Paris. 

OMEGA AUTO Q-senseQ-Sense is happy to announce the new model QCM OMEGA AUTO, a Fully integrated turn-key system, ideal for highthroughtput analysis, with integrated autosampler. We invite you to discover Q-Sense Omega Auto! Product sheet
ISR Mini KSVNIMAKSV NIMA is happy to announce its new Interfacial Shear rheometer for Low Volumes and Small Surface Areas. It enables measurement of the shear properties of films with as little as a 4.7 ml subphase, thus enabling time and cost savings when working with valuable compounds and subphases. Product sheet
MP-SPR BionavisSPR Navi™ instruments have been developed by Bionavis for surface analysis in a number of key application areas, expanding the use of SPR from biomolecular interactions to new applications such as material characterization and sensor development. Let us introduce you the new SPR210A Model, ideal for material science applications! Product sheet

Applitek BV and Nordtest together on the Italian market.
Departing from 1st February 2013 Nordtest is the exclusive distributor on Italian market for Applitek BV (Nazareth, Belgio).
Nordtest in cooperation with Applitek offers a valid and efficient alternative for Waste Water Treatment Plants analysis, industrial process liquid, surface water and drinking water.
Applitek using potentiometric titration, ionselective electrodes and colorimetry guarantees high quality state of the art instruments specifically for steam water cycle. Read more on Applitek news


Nordtest is happy to announce the distribution agreement with Rhosonics BV, starting from January 1st, 2013. Rhosonics is specialized in online density measurements  using ultrasounds for liquids, suspensions in chemical, mining, food and beverage and water treatment.

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