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  1. Take Serravalle Scrivia exit on the highway A7
  2. Keep direction Genova (south) on national road SS35
  3. Drive through the town of Serravalle Scrivia
  4. At the end of the inhabited area surpass the junction direction Gavi on your right hand.
  5. Just 100 m passed the junction turn right following the panel “Zona Artigianale”
  6. Keep straight to 2nd building on the left side.


  1. Take Vignole Arquata exit on the highway A7
  2. Turn left direction Arquata Scrivia
  3. Keep driving for about 2 km
  4. Turn right on national road SS35.
  5. Keep straight for about 2 km
  6. Turn left following direction panel “Zona Artigianale”
  7. Keep straight to 2nd building on the left.

Coordinates GPS N 44.7053270, E 8.8590150

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